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Empire Offers a Full Compliment of Services

Empire is the last x-ray and silver recovery service you will ever need!  We provide 25+ years of silver recovery experience.  We offer a wide array of services, following are a few examples.
Empire X-ray and Silver Recycling, LLC
We Look Forward to Serving You
-On Site Purging- The experienced and professional staff at Empire will purge your X-ray files at your facility.  Using your retention criteria, the purge team will disposition your X-ray files, leaving only the files that require further retention.  This will free up space for value added services or reduce or eliminate storage fees in high priced professional buildings.    -File Management- If you’re in a file storage quandary, Empire’s team of professionals can help.  Calling on our years of experience, we will look over your X-ray file project and identify alternatives that meet your needs.  Using the saying that “less is more”, we will recommend, if cost effective, a reduction in the number of files (culling outdated files) then arranging the files in the most logical location. -File Storage- Out of space?  Paying too much for storage?  Let Empire be your solution.  Our secure, monitored storage facility is perfect for your storage needs.  Our low monthly storage rates have no hidden fees attached.