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•	Hospitals •	Orthopedic Practices •	Medical Centers with X-Rays •	Podiatrists •	Chiropractors •	Veterinarians •	Private Practice with X-Rays •	Secure Storage Facilities •	Document Destruction Facilities •	Film Dealers/Printers Welcome Servicing Our Clients and Respecting Our Environment The founders of Empire X-ray and Silver Recycling, LLC (Empire) have been in the recycling and recovery industry for decades and bring that experience to work for our clients and partners.    While we are experts in the handling, storage and destruction of X-ray films, we purchase all Silver Bearing Films.  For a more in-depth look at all that we have to offer, see our                 page.  At Empire we know how important HIPAA Requirements are and treat all medical documents as “Confidential”.  Our strict operations and handling procedures ensure the security of your records.  Following is a short list representing some of the clients that we service.  This is by no means a complete list as we service many types of industries that use film.         Other services include:  • On-site Purging  • File Management  • File Storage  (see                ) .           Empire’s experience can be a great value in helping with your file management requirements.   Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and make you an offer. Empire X-ray and Silver Recycling, LLC